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Scene Cleaner (and Uncleaner) in Photoshop Elements


Photoshop Elements 9 packs some very impressive technology under its dark interface and much of it has been lifted straight from it’s bigger brother,

Photoshop CS5. But there’s more to Elements then a few borrowed features. Elements has been designed to make the photo editing easier for home users who don’t want to know “how it works”. For example, Photoshop Elements 9 has the Smart Brush which secretly combines a number tools and layers to create blue skies, white teeth and green grass at the tough of a button. Exactly the same effect can be achieved in Photoshop, but it takes more time and more knowledge.

Another of Photoshop Elements smart features is called Scene Cleaner. Available since Elements 7, Scene Cleaner is an amazingly intuitive tool, which will automatically align a sequence of images and then allow you to add or remove objects that are cluttering up the image. It works so well I wish it was available in Photoshop itself.

In this video I’ll show you just how easy it is to clean a cluttered image and then I’ll reverse the concept to make a complex strobe style montage from an action sequence of images.

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Gavin has been a regular contributor to Digital Photo Magazine in the UK since 2003 where he writes “how to...” techniques on photography and Photoshop Elements. His Photoshop lectures are always in demand and he can often be seen popping up at camera clubs all over the UK.

3 Comments on Scene Cleaner (and Uncleaner) in Photoshop Elements

  1. Beckie // 09/09/2011 at 1:41 pm //

    I am so glad you shared this…totally amazing!!

  2. Javier // 11/09/2011 at 1:12 am //

    Thanks for your time and dedication to explain this to us.

  3. Digital Lady Syd // 24/11/2011 at 6:24 am //

    Could not find video above. Is there another place to find it?

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