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Photoshop Quick Mask

Greetings all! Hope your week has been brilliant, and you have plenty to look forward to this weekend. Today I’ve made a video on how to use Quick Mask mode in Photoshop. Quick Mask mode, something rarely seen these days, but a great feature I call upon when making selections in Photoshop. Let’s take a look:

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2 Comments on Photoshop Quick Mask

  1. Great tutorial thanks AJ!
    If you refine edge can you then go back into QuickMask and fine tune? I am assuming yes.

  2. Jason – Yes, you could use Quick Mask to edit, however, if you created a layer mask out of Refine Edge it would be simpler to edit the layer mask directly. I find the Quick Mask useful for the initial selection, before a mask is added to an image.

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