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Photoshop CS5 – New Painting Brushes

We wanted to get a proper perspective of the new brushes in CS5 so we asked traditional and digital artist Tim Shelbourne to give us his thoughts.


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5 Comments on Photoshop CS5 – New Painting Brushes

  1. Hi Tim,

    i enjoyed these 2 videos…you explain well the potential of painting now in cs5…up to now i’ve been painting on my photos in ps using filters like NIK…and am now ready to paint directly on them so i’ve been learning Painter…but i’m use to working in PS so this is exciting to see that the blending, working in layers is now dynamically available in cs5…..my goal is to paint more and more onto my photos (as the source)…anyway you’re good at demonstrating this stuff (no everyone is)…i’d love to see more videos on this from you so please keep me on your mailing list if you have one so I’ll know if you put out more work….anyway hello from brooklyn new york!

    mike cetta

  2. hi Tim,
    These are very helpful – good presentations and thoughtful reviews. I have two questions: 1. do all of the new brushes work in a 16-bit color fidelity? and, 2. if you were to set the spatial fidelity of (say) the bristle brush to a very fine level, then what would be the practical maximum size of the canvas (for example, would it be possible to replicate painting using acrylic media on a 24 by 36 inch sheet, at perhaps 180 dpi)?

  3. Thanks for this!, certainly i will get soon into this new features!

  4. Ronald Clatyon // 28/04/2011 at 3:00 pm //

    Hi Tim,

    I also enjoyed your two tutorials and would love to be able to really paint. Have you though of giving tutorials of how to paint using CS5. From basic drawings to coloring and painting. Learning about shadowing and texturing would be welcome.


  5. salut mais amis

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