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Photoshop Crop Tool Tips

In a previous TipSquirrel article I explained how to size images for print & web. As a matter of practice, I use the Crop Tool when I want to quickly make adjustments to image or canvas size. Here are some of my favorite tips: Resample an Image to Size


When you set the width & height (in inches or centimeters) as well as the resolution for the image area within the crop overlay will be resampled to the exact dimensions. Resize WITHOUT Resampling


If you want to resize the image WITHOUT changing the pixel information, do not specify the resolution. (The image resolution will change but the pixel data stays the same) Increase Canvas Size


One of the quickest ways to increase canvas size is to simply draw the crop overlay larger than the image. (Notice how CS5 now includes a “rule of thirds” set of guides)


There you have a few quick tips on using the Crop Tool to speed-up your workflow.

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