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Hi. Taking a bit of a detour from Photoshop for the first half of todays blog, but worth it. Two excellent online magazines worth checking out. Then later in answer to a query, 2 tutorials on selecting hair.

Out Now


Dekepod: Episode 015:

Dekepod: Episode 015:
“Imagine yourself on a once-in-a-lifetime underwater adventure. Adrift in a world of wonder. Watch as you ignore the souvenir stand, bypass the lounge chair, even avoid the swim-up bar. Your only intention is to grab the gear, strap on the fins, and plunge into the astonishing azure alure.”


Online Magazine


Photo 360

This has been out a couple of days but though I tweeted it’s ‘publication’ I forgot to mention it here;

“Photo360 is the world’s first electronic photography magazine. Sign up, and every month we’ll bring you photo technique, the latest news, honest video reviews plus more — and we’ll also help you get the best pictures from your camera whether you’re shooting with a mobile phone or a DSLR. And the best thing about Photo360? It’s completely free!”





“The April 2009 edition is an issue on “issues” exploring some of the concerns that the modern digital photographer faces such as digital asset management, and recent government debates concerning photography in public places. 

This month also includes an in depth look at what’s behind all those numbers/letters and cost variances when it comes to shopping for a new lens.  Additionally there are Photoshop™ and Lightroom™ tutorials for photographers to get the most out of their post processing techniques.”


Online Tutorial

Someone asked me about selecting hair and I pointed them to a couple of really cool tutorials. I’ll pop them here to for your pleasure also…. I’m nice like that…


The Russell Brown Show

The amazingly talented Russel Brown (Sr. Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporate) shows us a technique for selecting hair in CS4.








Planet Photoshop – Select Hair by Using Channels

“Selecting fly-away hair can be one of the toughest assignments in Photoshop. The Extract command can be helpful. Third-party plug-ins, such as Mask Pro (www.extensis.com) and KnockOut (www.corel.com), are great. But sometimes the easiest way to select those random strands of hair is right in your Channels palette.”




Hope these help, have a great day, see you tomorrow!

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  1. You are “nice like that”! As always, your blog resources and references are very much appreciated! 🙂

  2. Greyson TipSquirrel // 01/05/2009 at 3:37 pm //

    Thank you Jason. One does ones best

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