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The Quad Toning options allow you to manage color toning in a precise way. Stylized Black and White Photos with Topaz BW Effects  By Dan Moughamian

This month I thought it would be fun to cover a Photoshop plugin that I discovered this summer, which has quickly become one of my favorites. Topaz BW Effects (from [More…]

tsq_stamp_8_thumb.jpg  Creating a Rubber Stamp Brush Preset in Photoshop Elements. By David Asch

In this tutorial we’ll firstly be creating the effect of a slightly worn out rubber stamp. Once we’ve created our stamp, we’ll be converting it to a brush preset that[More…]

3d_Scale Scaling 3D Materials in Photoshop CS5 Extended  By Michael HoffmanIf you’ve created a 3D object with complex materials, you may have been disappointed with the appearance and shape of the features on your 3D object. In today’s video, learn [More…]
ACR_2_RichHarrington_thumb.jpg Shadow and Highlights with Adobe Camera Raw  By Richard HarringtonIn this follow-up to last week’s video, Rich Harrington teaches us how to fix clipped shadows, overblown highlights, and soft detail when working with photos shot under low lift conditions.
BW_RichHales_BA 24 November 2011 : Advanced Black and White in Photoshop (No Comments) By Richard HalesThis month’s tutorial is going to be an in-depth look at a black & white photograph that was used in one of my tutorials on black & white conversion earlier this year. [More…]
Ornaments-19_thumb.jpg  Photoshop 3D Materials Fun By Michael HoffmanAdobe Photoshop CS5 Extended has a wonderfully capable 3D environment. It isn’t high powered like some advanced 3D modeling software, but the capabilities are really good, and the learning curve [More…]
ACR_RHEDPixel Mastering Adobe Camera Raw By Richard Harrington

In this made for TipSquirrel.com video, Rich Harrington explores the power of Adobe Camera Raw. Here Rich has a real world example to work though with amazing outcomes.

curves Receding Background By Janine Smith

This is a great image taken from my current scanning project. There’s not much wrong with it at all, maybe a tiny speck or spot here and there and the color isn’t really to my taste, but the composition and overall condition are wonderful![More…]

collections_Lightroom Quicker Collections in Lightroom  By Michael Hoffman

You may have used Quick Collections in Lightroom to create temporary sets of photos to organize your work. Here’s a tip to show you how to extend the Quick Collection [More…]

vintage.jpg Vintage Effect in Adobe Camera RAW By Gavin Hoey

Vintage photo effects are all the rage in photography at the moment. Often they created in mobile apps or in Photoshop, but in this tutorial I’m going to show you[More…]

SB_Lego_Header Creating coloured backdrops in Lightroom  By Scot Baston

One of the things about Lightroom that I love is that even though it is the little brother to the mighty Photoshop, it is still has a few tricks up [More…]

Resize-01.jpg Photoshop’s Image Size Resampling Options  By Michael HoffmanWhen you resize images in Photoshop, you are adding or deleting pixels to your image. As the pixels are created or destroyed, how do you control the way Photoshop decides [More…]
step5.jpg Create a Horror Skin Effect With Photoshop By Simon Rudd

Making horror art I often get asked how I get texture to show through flesh, its actually very simple and uses my favourite Photoshop tool, Layer Masks. Step 1. Download the skull [More…]

Photoshop_Liqify_mesh Make a Mesh with Liquify to Speed Your Photoshop Workflow By Michael Hoffman

If you’re like me, you’ve been working on larger and larger files, and sometimes the Liquify command in Photoshop just can’t keep up with all those pixels. Fear not! Here’s [More…]

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