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Adobe’s Acquisition of Fotolia


The lovely people over at Fotolia have been very supportive and kind to be since I was a runner up in the Deke's Techniques Photoshop Challenge some time ago. Part of my prize was a subscription to Fotolia and I found it immensely helpful. Since then Fotolia have supported TipSquirrel by promoting it, offering competition prizes and having cross-blog tutorials. [More]

Fotolia Joins the Adobe Family


What amazing news, Fotolia are joining the Adobe family! Regular readers will know we've been fans of the stock image site for some time, they've been great supporters of our humble site and we couldn't be more pleased that the two are getting together. The press release says that the Fotolia library will be integrated into the Creative Suite, amazing, to be able to access, and one assumes submit, images from Photoshop will be incredible. [More]

Aperture, Lightroom and KelbyOne


If you’re moving over to Lightroom and Photoshop from Aperture you might find it a tedious task to import everything in. That’s where this handy add-on from Adobe comes to the rescue! Flags, Star Ratings, Keywords, GPS Data, Rejects, Hidden Files, Color Labels, Stacks, Face Tags will be imported and converted to the Lightroom way of doing things, what could be easier‽ [More]

Photoshop Update – January 2014


Today (16th Jan 2014) sees a major update to Adobe's Creative Suite and in the upcoming days and weeks we'll be exploring them in more detail. For now here's a great overview from Adobe Evangelist Terry White; [More]

Photoshop CC and Lightroom for All!


Adobe today announced that those new to Photoshop can sign up to Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers for £8.78/month as an annual subscription. This deal was previously available to those owning a copy of a CS product. However…. This deal is only available until Dec. 2, 2013 (7:59 pm GMT) [More]

Updates for Adobe Camera RAW CS6 and CC and for Lightroom 5


On Friday 8th November 2013 Adobe released new candidates of their Adobe Camera RAW and Lightroom products. Included in these updates is, as you might expect, a swathe of new camera and lens support for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and many others. A list of all the updates can be found on the respective details pages; [More]

The Photoshop Photography Program


Many existing users of Adobe software were a little disgruntled by the move to Creative Cloud earlier in the year. Many of our readers were among them citing that, if you only use a couple of products then Creative Cloud seemed a little like paying for an over expensive sledgehammer to crack a nut. Adobe seemed to listen and answered queries as best they could at the time. To their credit, they also contacted TipSquirrel.com to see if we were ok fielding the questions and accusations that were cropping up in our comments and Facebook feed. Adobe last night announced that their solution to the problem, The Photoshop Photography Program has gone live, and should, hopefully, appease existing customers that would like Photoshop CC. [More]
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