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I am slowly collecting links to add to the blog but someone asked me why I don’t put tips and tricks up myself. Well, there are two reasons;

  1. The people that are doing it are far more talented and proficient than me.
  2. I am far too lazy

There are a few short-cuts and tips that have helped me so I thought I would share them.

Add a Layer Below

I am forever doing this and for years I was adding a layer then dragging it down. No need for that though, just Ctr (Cmd)+Click the New Layer icon. Ctr (cmd)+Alt+New Layer Icon to name it as you go

No Shift to Swap Tools

Nothing annoys me more than having to press Shift and a short-cut. To change this if it annoys you too, press, Ctl (cmd)+K to bring up the Preferences and un-check the box next to Use Shift Key for Tool Switch.


History Panel

I like the history panel where I can find it, so I move it in with the Layers, Channels and Paths panels.


Using Groups

I would be lost without them but they can be a pain to organise unless you keep on top of them. To quickly add multiple layers to a new group; highlight them all then Shift-Click the New Group Icon. Add Alt to thins one too to name it as you go.



Create Layer from Layer Style

This one I love! Once a layer style is as I want it, I may want to add something to that. With the layer highlighted, go to Layer > Layer Style > Make Layer. If you haven’t tried this then here is a quick one to try; Write a word, put a stroke around it. Make a layer from the layer style then add a bevel to the new layer.
Do this multiple times and you can make quite an effect, especially if you really go to town on each layer!






And thats my five things I can’t live with / without, what’s yours?

I Can’t Wait to See

David Cuerdon is working on a new series for Kelby Training. David’s Beauty and Portrait Retouching Kit is exceptional, so I wait with some anticipation for the next.

Finally, Special Mention to: 

Erik Bernskiold for his relentless link and tip posting on Twitter.


That’s Monday then, until tomorrow…

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