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If this is your first visit to TipSquirrel, welcome. To the others, welcome back. It’s been a great week here in the wood despite the back pain ** pause for sympathy ** and it looks like the long weekend is goin to be a nice one. BBQ out, garden tidied!

Out Now


LayersTV – Layers TV: Episode 88
Ok, so nothing directly related to Photoshop this week, but hey, this is Prince Cory and the lovable RC. I’d watch them talk about anything.




Digital Photo Magazine – Issue 117 June The strap line claims “Britain’s best selling mag for photographers” and I’m not surprised. My leaning is to Photoshop of course and I am delighted that this magazine really embraces the technology, even encourages it.  For those wanting to do everything in-camera there is plenty too, a top-notch publication. This month includes techniques for close ups as well as tutorials in Photoshop including 10 video lessons.

At £4.99 it is comparably priced with other magazines too. 



Quick-Quick Tip

Answering a query from a reader that said. “When I copy a picture into an already open document and it is much bigger, I have to keep zooming out until I get to see the control handles, is there a quicker way?”

Answer, oh yes. Press Ctrl/Cmd + [Zero]. This will immediately zoom out to a point where everything fits on screen.

On the Web


124+ Free Photoshop Actions to Boost Your Designs
Some we have seen many times, but a couple that are new and interesting.


Tippy’s Tip: Actions are a great learning resource, open them up and follow what happens when you play it.

144 royalty free images with the clipping path already created.
All the images are on a solid white background, so maybe not the most difficult of tasks, but if you are unfamiliar with making clipping paths, here’s a download to experiment with.




21 Movie Poster Inspired Lego Creations

There is something about Lego that I just find endearing so stuff like this attracts my attention. The example to the left is my favorite but has nothing to do with Photoshop!

There are other examples that use Photoshop to achieve their goal however.






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