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Manic Monday – “The Hornets Nest”


Hope everyone had a good weekend, I know us Jenson fans were happy! But enough of that, lets get on with it…


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Adobe Creative Suite Podcast– Adobe Photoshop World Keynote ’09

PixelPerfect – Design a Billboard Advert Pt 2

Pixelicious – Episode 59
Never seen this one before and they are already on 59! Not seen it yet myself so I make no judgement… yet. 


This first one really covers all the bases for a Manic Monday post;

Design by Firgs

Design by Firgs


Design by Firgs has a tutorial that “..will teach you how to take a brush and turn it into a custom shape that has a really cool poster-like look about it.”

With a brush set by fellow Twitterer @Landailyn and a tutorial by @Firgs you really can’t go wrong. 

Quick and simple technique that is one you’d like to keep in your Ps arsenal. 



Final Image

Final Image

Portrait Retouching – part 1

Some interesting techniques and a good introduction to re-touching and digital make-up.

What interested me about this is a comment after the tutorial that reads:
“nice, but she’s got green, not blue eyes” 

To which the author replies;
“yes,but i like blue, not green eyes..  “

She gets this reply from the origional commenter;
“ok, but in retouching important is to stick to the orginal so close as is possible”




A link to a video was sent to me over the weekend. The video called “The Photoshop Effect” showed a reporter take a photo-shoot and re-touching session, and report on the ‘backlash’ against Photoshoped images.

Hmmm, people being influenced by “perfect” models … oh, the movie comes from Diet.com

I would be really interested to hear your comments about this

That’s Monday, Top Tip Tuesday will be here all being well tomorrow. Thank you to everyone that has given feedback about the blog. It was never intended to be a blog, just a links page so I really have no pre-meditated ideas!

Stay safe and well

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