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Manic Monday: Boogie Wonderland

Monday, eew, but fear not, for this is Manic Monday. A bumper day where I pass on those little gems that I came across, or were sent to me, over the weekend. 

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Go Do It

If you are learning Photoshop, wanting to add to your abilities or just want to show what you can do, I highly recommend the Friendly Tutorial Challenge at Planet Photoshop.

This week a really fun tutorial on making a comic book effect from a photograph.


Photoshop for Video – Camera Raw Pt 1
If you have never used Camera Raw before this one’s for you.

 Pixel Perfect – Your Name In Lights.
“… now this bulb is lit the one next to it is not, they are both made out of glass. So what has to happen now is that I have to go in there and have the light from these lit bulbs reflect into the bulbs that are not lit” Burt makes this easy… no honest!

Adobe Creative Suite Podcast – Learn How To Do Folder Cruising in Bridge.
A couple of handy tips for making Bridge that bit easier to navigate




Cory Barker is on great form again as he tells us about the 3D capabilities in PSCS4 Extended. He whips up an awesome 3d streaks tutorial. Quite amazing.






99% of the time a tutorial that uses the Displacement map will teach you how to make a flag look like its waving in the wind.   In this tutorial however, text is wrapped in a flag pattern, it could be any pattern they just chose the flag.

What a great result, a really nice technique that I will certainly be using. However….

It also highlights that less is more. The result is fantastic without the reflection. Oh yeah, you get 2 tutorials for the price of 1 but when doing anything that looks 3D the reflection isn’t a straight copy. 






Water is one of the hardest elements to recreate in Photoshop I’m told. The others of course are earth, wind and fire (go ahead, click it, you wont know if I am that old unless you do).

This well written tutorial takes you though the creation of drops, drips and condensation using layer styles.  Yep, Mr  Munroy did this a while back but this is a nifty reminder and add-to.



Denis Designs

Denis Designs


Not just fire, not just 3D text… 3D text on fire.

Excellent final image, a composite this one rather than a create from scratch but all the source files are linked to. 






To Buy

Photoshop Keyboard Set 

PS Keyboard Set £10


PS Keyboard Set £10

Not really sure about this if I am honest, I’m in 2 minds. Maybe because I have been using Photoshop for so long I don’t even look at the keyboard when I am working, let alone forget the short-cuts.


Beginners?  Well, for a tenner, I could take an hour and beat them into you?



Thank you to everyone for coming to my humble blog and for your very kind emails. I am always keen to hear your comments.

Also a big thank you to the lovely @patriciados for not only her support and interest in TipSquirrel.com but also the smashing photos of my long  lost bushy tailed relatives.


That’s Monday done, have a fine one my lovelies.

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