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Make Them Shine!

I love pretty eyes –  just ask anyone who knows me, if you have pretty eyes, I’ll let you know! In photos I like to make them shine!

Soo… how do you do it?

1.Open up an image, with eyes in it (duh!)


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2. Duplicate the background layer. Change the blending mode of the new layer to Screen.

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3.Add a Layer Mask

4.Select the Layer Mask. Select a soft brush and choose white for the color. Brush over the eyes, make sure the Screen layer is exposed. If you accidentally paint outside the eye, change your brush color to black then paint over the overlapping area.


5.With both eyes exposed, lower the opacity of the layer to about 30% (use your judgement)See aren’t they pretty?!Click To Enlarge

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Andie Smith is a Dallas-based freelance photographer, specializing in editorial and fine art photography. Andie’s favorite artistic expression has always been photography. As a child, she fell in love with the art while vacationing with her family. Even now, when she looks at those photos, she is instantly transported back in time to experience those moments again – the sights, the sounds, the smells, the people. It is Andie’s hope that her photography evokes a similar response in all her clients. She realized photography was more than just a hobby while studying graphic design at The Art Institute – Dallas. Andie knew she had the skills to succeed as a photographer, so she jetted off to southern Florida where she studied photography at The Art Institute – Fort Lauderdale. Andie’s favorite photography subjects are aircrafts and Americana (especially main streets).
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  1. thanks or the tip.

    A nice clean simple techinque.


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