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Magazine Wrap Around Thingy


BBC Wildlife magazine came out today and I was intrigued by the cover. Everything was standard except that it looked like there was an added cover. I’m sure there is name for it. Anyhoo, on closer inspection, there wasn’t this extra bit, it was made to look like it.



Looked pretty simple so I thought I’d give it a go…



… here’s what I ended up with




Your first thought might be the same as mine, looks like a simple gradient, so that’s what I tried first.

I drew a selection down the side of the green bar and then did a black to transparent gradient. I did it on it’s own layer so that I could alter the opacity should I wish, but I soon found that I wanted it bigger, no smaller… darn, Ctr+Z was getting a hammering… stop Tipsy.. think!

Simple enough, it’s just a drop shadow… I’m a fool. And because it is done through the layer styles I could tweak it as much as I liked. So it turned out to be as easy as I thought, just not in the way I first thought.
Something about the Wildlife magazine that I was disappointed with was that the title wasn’t altered at all, and this was the real ‘give-away’ that the wrap around thingy wasn’t actually there.

So I had a go myself too…

I had made this a little more tricky for myself because I’d changed the Type layer into a work path but no biggie, it was still going to be simple enough… probably….

I made a copy of the text (Ctrl+J) and then Rasterized the text. This takes it from being vector based to pixel. I nudged the copy up a bit and erased the right side, then masked the left side of the original text layer.



I finished off by creating a 50% grey layer, setting it to Overlay and then Dodge and Burn a couple of lines on the left to give it a bit of depth on the edge.

Image Used : “Squirrel” from Stock Exchange

Well that’s me done. Have a nice Thursday, see you for Friday!

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