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Lightroom ‘Nose Trick’

A Happy Thanksgiving to those of you that are state side in the USA. For this week’s article, I thought I’d share the “nose trick” everyone’s been asking about. In case you missed it, I used Lightroom to get the red out, while doing a portrait model retouch. Here are the basic steps for the nose portion of that video:

We will be using the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom.

The “trick” is to use the Color adjustment located at the bottom of the Adjustment Brush sliders (above the brush size).

UPDATE – thanks to the comments from Dan & Matthew Roach who corrected a mistake I made. In this particular adjustment, I opted to use a hue that was more yellow. IF you wish to sample colors from the image, simply place the eyedropper in the color chart then PRESS & HOLD the mouse button while dragging the cursor over the image. (Works much like sampling colors outside of Photoshop). An oversight on my part, quickly caught by our wonderful readers. My apologies for any confusion.

Like sunscreen make sure you get plenty of coverage. A soft edge brush doesn’t hurt for blending. You can also desaturate a little if there’s still a bit of red.

Ta-Da! No more red nose. Yet another instance where we can stay within Lightroom, and keep Photoshop for the bigger tasks.

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3 Comments on Lightroom ‘Nose Trick’

  1. “While you cannot sample colors from an image.” Since when? You can sample a color from your photo by clicking the color swatch to open the Color Picker, then click inside the Color Picker and drag out onto your photo, release the mouse button when you are over the desired color.

  2. Just a quick tip to support yours (a technique I use as well)…

    In your tip you say; “While you cannot sample colors from an image…”. This is not actually 100% correct. You’re right that you can’t just use the eyedropper on your image when you have the colour picker open. But there is a little trick.

    *Click & hold* with your left mouse button on the colour chart then move the mouse pointer anywhere on screen, as you move it around the colour values will change, then release the mouse button on your chosen colour and it will sample from that point!!

  3. James Wheeler // 27/10/2011 at 8:40 pm //

    Regarding “getting the red out” how would you do this in CS5-for those of us who don’t have lightroom.

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