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Last Month, This Month and What’s New

Last Month

April started with Mike Hoffman completing his look at blending modes and Janine taking a break from restoration to bring us the hugely popular Photo-Cube. New to TipSquirrel, Justin Seeley joined the ‘Nuts’ to bring us a tutorial on Creating an Action. A warm welcome to Justin, who hopes to bring us an exclusive Photoshop Quicktip every month!

 CS5 Special

Then it was into our CS5 coverage. It was really interesting to see how different people approached the new Photoshop, bring their own demands and requirement to their own work-flow. I’d like to thank AJ Wood, Mike Hoffman, Janine Smith, Justin Seeley and Tim Shelbourne for their tutorials and articles.

 AJ Makes an App and Names The Talent

Also launched by friend of TipSquirrel AJ wood in April was the Adobe Talk iPhone App. With a lot of cool features this app also has its own link to TipSquirrel.com! Great stuff, thanks AJ! You can find out more about this app here. AJ was also responsible for naming the TipSquirrel authors the Photoshop Nuts. I always refereed to them as The Talent, but in hindsight maybe The Nuts is more apt 😉

Additions and Changes

Regular readers will notice there’s another new name in there, Tim Shelbourne is a much respected digital artist and its great to welcome him to the ever growing band of Photoshop Nuts. Fans of Tim will be delighted to hear that he’ll be joining us on a regular basis very soon.

New Links TabThere’s been a couple of changes to the look of TipSquirrel.com too for May. The long list of links have been moved to a page of their own. This page is in the process of being tidied up and updated. If you know of a link that isn’t included please let me know at the usual email address of blog@tipsquirrel.com.

The links have been replaced with a couple of links to CS5 from Amazon at the moment, as this is the most relevant product. We’ll update these as we think the need may arise. A bigger Amazon store is in the pipeline and will be available very soon. We’ll be supported by Amazon in the US, UK, France and Germany.

 This Month

If all goes to plan we’ll be bringing you articles and tutorials by regular Nuts AJ Wood, Justin Seeley, Mike Hoffman and Janine Smith. We’ll also be welcoming back Richard Hales, and one of the original Nuts Simon Rudd.

We’ve got three new contributors this month, TipSquirrel is delighted to welcome Heathrow, Dan Moughamian and a rescheduled Dave Cuerdon.

How are we packing all these people into a single month? Well, we’re going five days a week, that’s right, no more Friday’s off for the Nuts, we’re doing a full week.


We’re always looking for feedback and comments about the site, the Nuts and the tutorials so please, let us know what you think. If you have any ideas for tutorials or you’d like a certain topic covered, then please tell us. We want to make TipSquirrel the site that it’s readers want and to that end we are always listening.

About Eric Renno (435 Articles)
Eric’s background in video editing with Adobe Premier led to his interest, and then obsession, with Photoshop. Starting TipSquirrel.com as a hobby he is proud to have gathered together and be a part of The Photoshop Nuts. Known as only “TipSquirrel” for two years, Eric ‘went public’ when he was a finalist in The Next Adobe Photoshop Evangelist competition. He’s also been a finalist in Deke’s Techniques Photoshop Challenge. While still taking on some freelance work, Eric has recently become a Lecturer at Peterborough’s Media and Journalism Centre where he enjoys sharing his knowledge as well as learning new skills. This realisation that he loves to teach has made Eric look at altering his career path.

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