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Its Easy to Change Colour in LAB.. No, Really.

Here’s a nice and easy way to change a colour of an object, with no masking (Phew!), but before you get to excited I should warn you, I’ll be heading into the world of LAB.

Don’t panic though, I’m not going to try and explain LAB nor how to use it to it’s full potential. For that I would highly recommend any book by Dan Margulis but if you’re like me and prefer your tutorials in film and on line, Dan has an excellent course on Kelby Training, Here.

So here we go, we have our starting image, and yep, for this I’ve chosen a picture with a good solid block of colour, but the principle would be the same for a more complex image but you may have to use a mask… sorry.

Here’s the starting image;


First things first I’m going to go into the LAB mode. Choosing LAB from the Image – Mode menu.


Now you may need to have a bit of a play to find the right chanel to play with, it’s going to be either A or B, the L is for lightness so you won’t need that one. In my example I know i need the B channel and using the finger tool on the image I can pinpoint where I need to put an anchor point.


Dragging down I change the colour and by adding anchor points either side I can change just that colour.

Click To Enlarge

Click To Enlarge

And that’s about it, that’s the tip. All I have to do now is go back to RGB.

Here’s the before and after just to fill in a bit of space.

Before and After in About 30 Seconds

Before and After in About 30 Seconds

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