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How to Record a Photoshop Action

Gavin_Hoey_actionIf you’ve never experienced the amazing power of Photoshop actions before, then you may well have missed out on something special. Perhaps you’re one of the many people who have tried the built in actions that come with Photoshop and found them to be of little or no use. Well either way the best trick with actions is to make your own. Not only will they save you time, you’ll also learn a lot more about Photoshop along the way.

In this video tutorial I’ll show you how to make a simple action from scratch and advise you on how to avoid some of the common action mistakes. For this example I’ll be making an action that creates the classic centre spot clear photo filter effect. It even has the advantage of a moveable and resizable clear spot.

Follow along and you’ll discover that actions are no more difficult to make then simply using Photoshop to do you’re day to day work… just remember to click STOP when you’re done.

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Gavin has been a regular contributor to Digital Photo Magazine in the UK since 2003 where he writes “how to...” techniques on photography and Photoshop Elements. His Photoshop lectures are always in demand and he can often be seen popping up at camera clubs all over the UK.

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  1. great tutorial thanks

  2. LynneM // 17/11/2012 at 7:41 pm //

    Great tut! Thanks.

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