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Halloweenie Brush Pack, 2010

When I was a kid, my mom went all out with decorating on holidays and for special times during the year. One of her favorite times to decorate was October. On Halloween, there were always decorations galore in the Smith house; napkins, cups, candles, decorated cookies and cupcakes and, always, those great hanging cardboard decorations! These days, I guess, holiday decorations are a bit more sophisticated, but those old school decorations still make me smile!

Another memory I have of the time around Halloween is that the animated show “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” would play on one of the channels, ABC I think. Well, at that time there were basically only three channels, so it was one of them! This was a cute little Walt Disney show which, apparently a nerd even then, I loved.

So, in memory of that time when holiday decorations were simple, television specials played on TV only once a year and you could go out on Halloween with little worry, I’ve made a little brush set for you to download compliments of TipSquirrel.com. We hope you have fun with them and be sure to show us what you do with them!

Happy Halloween!

Download TS_Halo_1.zip

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2 Comments on Halloweenie Brush Pack, 2010

  1. Thanks for the Brush Pack Janine, Halloween is getting more and more popular so the brush pack will come in handy.

    When I was a wee boy we did not have pumpkins, we had to carve out turnips from our local farmers fields, make our own masks and costumes, it’s too easy for the kids now as all the high street shops are cashing in.

    Some useful fonts here: http://www.halloweenfonts.com/


  2. The brushes are super! I’m reminded of a costume I had as a child – Felix the Cat! I can’t wait to play with these! Even if Halloween is over!


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