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Engraving Text with Photoshop

I found out today (well about ½ hour ago) that it was my turn to write – eeep! I thought, “I’ve not prepared anything” So here I show you a very easy (and quick!) way of creating engraved looking text.

Step 1.


First create a new document sized 1024×768 then Reset the swatch colours to default by pressing D on your keyboard. Fill the background with Clouds – Filter>Render>Clouds.

Step 2.


Next add some Noise by going to Filter>Noise>Add Noise 25%, Distribution Gaussian and tick Monochrome.

Step 3.


Go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur Angle 0°, Distance 100 pixels

Step 4.


Add some text on a new layer, I used the Font “Over the Rainbow”

Step 5.


Next we want to add a Bevel and Emboss Layer style, set style to Pillow Emboss, and depth to 50.

Step 6.


Lower the Fill of the layer down to 15%

Step 7.


Finally use a large soft edge brush with the opacity set to around 20%, set the foreground colour to black. Now brush out the corners to make them slightly darker 😀

I hope you like this tutorial 😀

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Simon Rudd is a freelance writer and artist specialising in Photoshop tutorials as well as Horror, the Macabre and Fantasy themed pictures. He frequently writes for magazines and websites.

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