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Changing the Background Colour with Photoshop

For this tutorial I want to share a couple of techniques with you for changing the look and colour in the background of your photographs.

These are techniques that I employed recently when I decided later in the post production stage that the original background in some portraits shots needed spicing up a bit; nothing major other than just adding a spotlight effect behind the subject and maybe changing the colour slightly.

In the video I cover a technique for use in Photoshop CS5 but for those using earlier versions I go through an alternative method that produces similar results.

Enjoy 🙂

4 Comments on Changing the Background Colour with Photoshop

  1. Thanks for sharing these really helpful and clear instructions

  2. Thank you so much for this clear, articulate tutorial. Am grappling with colouring an illustration and didn’t want to do cartoonist method of separating line art and using channels..this gives me more flexibility. I’ll be back for more tips!

  3. Its always good to see the video version of any tutorial. Changing background from any image is the basic task in photoshop, here is a tutorial that talks about 5 different tools of background removing task – http://goo.gl/lWsVTo , I hope it will help some people.

  4. Your background changing process is just awesome. Gather lot of information by watching your video tutorial. Thanks for sharing the great resources.

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