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Simon Rudd is a freelance writer and artist specialising in Photoshop tutorials as well as Horror, the Macabre and Fantasy themed pictures. He frequently writes for magazines and websites.

Photoshop Slice Tool


The slice tool can be used to help create webpages and elements of them. In this post I'll show you how to create a very simple navigation example. [More]

Getting Freaky with Photoshop Patch Tool


I will show you how to remove your eyes, nose and mouth easily from a photo just using the patch and healing tools. When creating horror pictures its often useful to remove whole parts of a face, and start again, as such I found using this method where we can remove any part of a face very easily. [More]

Wide Eyed Cat – Have Fun in Photoshop


A few years ago there were a number of birthday cards with large eyed cats and dogs on them, I thought I would spend a few minutes showing you how you can make your own spin on this idea. [More]

Cartoon Vector Clouds with Photoshop


With Photoshop we can create vector images, but as they are rendered as pixels and not points they become vulnerable to the same problems associated with normal pictures – eg degradation when blown up. But that's not to say we cant have some fun and make some cool pictures using simple techniques. [More]

Book Review Digital Art by David Cousens


If you are interested in digital art then you probably have at some point come across illustrations made by David Cousens of Cool Surface. His art work has appeared in books such as The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration and The Mighty Pencil volumes 1 & 2 as well as magazines such as Advanced Photoshop, SciFiNow and Imagine FX . His impressive client list spans from Adidas to BBC, Macmillan and Creative Boom to name a few. His new book Digital Art – A complete guide to making your own computer artwork was released in May 2013. This can be purchased from Amazon [More]
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