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Josephine J is a digital artist and photographer based in Brighton, UK. She have been creating art for many years now and is constantly looking to explore new styles and improve her skills. Her art has sold worldwide as prints and canvases. Her inspiration for her amazing digital artwork comes from dreams and also from sparks of images that pop up during the day, so having the ability to reproduce her ideas exactly as she imagines them with Adobe Photoshop and the mobile apps has been invaluable.

How To Create A Surreal Image With Adobe Photoshop Mix


Working with the Adobe mobile apps gives you the freedom to create images wherever you are, either in their entirety or for comping ideas and refining them later. Using Adobe's Creative Sync enables you to transfer your work between your devices, both mobile and desktop, so you can start your project on the phone and add the finishing touches in Photoshop when you get home or to your studio! [More]