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Articles by Glyn Dewis

Creating Fake Highlights with Photoshop


Now of course there's nothing better than getting things right 'in camera' but when it comes to the lighting, what are you supposed to do after the fact when you maybe want to add some highlights or even tweak those that are already there? Well here's a technique for doing just that…for adding in or tweaking highlights, and it's one I tend to use on a fairly regular basis when putting together composites; however it's also a technique that can be used in any image and what's more it's quick and easy to apply. [More]

Quick and Easy Eyes in Photoshop


Hi Folks, For this month’s tutorial I thought I’d put together a short video showing you a couple of quick and easy techniques that I regularly use to both Brighten and Colour eyes. As [More]

Applying Texture to a Contour Using Photoshop


Now the very first TipSquirrel Workshop  being held at the incredible Peterborough Cathedral is fast approaching and following a recent visit to get a feel for the place and narrow down what kind of [More]

Easy Smoke and Mist With Photoshop


For this tutorial I thought I’d share with you a real quick technique for creating realistic looking smoke/mist in just 4 simple steps… This is one of those techniques that when used on the [More]

6 Simple Steps for Applying Makeup with Photoshop


As a Portrait Photographer, nothing beats the luxury of working with a Professional Makeup Artist....but what if that's not possible? Well, here's a simple technique for applying makeup using Photoshop that can certainly help out: [More]

The Pain Free Tattoo


Ever wanted to have a tattoo but were too afraid to ask? Well, here's a quick and simple Photoshop tutorial to show you how you can do exactly that; and what's more if you're squeamish there's no need to look away :) [More]

Composite Images: Attention to Detail


Anyone familiar with my work knows that I’m a big fan of compositing images in Photoshop, and can spend hours sometimes on one image tweeking this and that. For this short tutorial I want to cover [More]

Making a Moody Sky even Moodier with Photoshop


On my own blog recently I posted a photograph I’d taken of a guy riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle and went on to explain that on the day of the shoot there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. In [More]

Photoshop Super Fast Compositing


This time I've put together a video tutorial showing a super fast Photoshop technique for creating composite images. This is a technique I turn to 99.9% of the time when creating composites out of studio images; it's super fast, super effective and super easy. [More]

Changing the Background Colour with Photoshop


For this tutorial I want to share a couple of techniques with you for changing the look and colour in the background of your photographs. These are techniques that I employed recently when I decided [More]

Adding a Soft Glow with Photoshop


There’s nothing quite like a ‘How did you do that?’ question to prompt a tutorial, so seeing as I was asked how I created this ‘Soft Glow’ effect on a series of images [More]

Photoshop Auto Blend Layers


For this tutorial I want to start off by first of all giving you a little bit of a background story… A couple of months back I was asked to take a promotional photograph advertising an event [More]
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