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Photoshop for Photographers – Book Review


Photoshop is such a massive and versatile program that its amazing that a book would be needed aimed at a specific group of users. The truth is, the tools and filters in Photoshop are so vast and flexible that this is probably the only way to learn the software. What makes this book stand out against others in this genre is what it isn't. What this book isn't is a series of steps to achieve a certain outcome. There's a few in there, but what this book does is something I appreciate greatly, it tells the ready why you do something. [More]

Photoshop CC 2014 Missing Manual – Review


This manual is a massive 956 pages long and weighs in a 1.5kg, not a book you'll want to sit and read holding up, but its ok as a reference on your desk or for Missing Manualdropping onto the desk during an argument. The problem with books this size is keeping the beggers open at the right page while you reference it and work along. My non scientific tests reveal it'll sit open of its own accord from page 185 until page 770, then it just wants to keep closing itself and requires an object on its edge. There is a Kindle version, and I've had a previous version in electronic form and this works well and if you're used to this format. For me, it was OK, but having the book to thumb through and randomly read something that catches my eye is still the way forward. [More]

Photoshop 2014 – New Features and My Favourites


Today saw Adobe make an upgrade to it's Creative Cloud and with it some great new updates to Photoshop. In this video I take a look just a few of my favourites. There's loads more, there's a comprehensive list below the video. [More]

Book Review : The Digital Renaissance


If you’re an artist and a reader of this blog then the chances are you use Photoshop to create new pieces of art, if so then read on. If you rely more on the photographic image to start your image then sorry, this book might not be for you. There’s 12 tutorials in total each covering a different artist, their style and a tutorial in either Photoshop or Painter. The biography is small and succinct and the development of the style is enough to understand the original process. Then it’s into the tutorial. [More]

A Look At Screenflow Screen Recording Software


In this video I take a departure from Photoshop and take a look at Screenflow. This screen recording software is more than meets the eye, it has all manner of bells and whistles, which is why it's become my recording, and editing choice for tutorials. [More]

Book Review – Mastering Photoshop Layers


As a reader of many Photoshop related books I’ve come to expect certain aspects to be contained within them. I want clear instructions, illustrated examples and information I haven’t found anywhere else. Mastering Photoshop layers ticks all the boxes. [More]

OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8 – The Verdict


First up, this application works as a standalone or with Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Aperture and there are three purchasing options, the Premium Edition works with all of the above and as a standalone, the Lightroom and Aperture version works with those two applications, Elements and as a standalone and the Standard version is a standalone only. Currently prices for the Premium edition are discounted to $179.95 (approx. £110 on 9/12/13) for new users and $99.95 (approx. £61 on 9/12/13) for an upgrade. There is a free 30 day trial available too from http://www.ononesoftware.com/products/suite8/ [More]

Quick Tip: Perfect Black & White


The first thing you'll notice if you've used the perfect suite before is that the user interface is brand new and very slick. The whole cast of characters now use the same UI, which has a similar look and feel to Lightroom, and is more responsive compared to some older versions of these plugins. (Some of the previews can still take a second to catch up to your mouse, but all in all much better in this version.) [More]

Creative Cloud – One Year On


The Creative Cloud comprises of 37 apps, some powerhouses of creativity like Photoshop, others might sit on your desktop until you need to test, tweak, update or add to your mobile device. There’s also some online storage, 20 gigabytes toCC_Aps be precise. This is a nice amount, I’m not going to rave about it, I know a few people that would fill it in a thrice, but for getting your files from device to device, or to share with others it works well. For a little while CC users couldn’t sync and this was a frustration. Now though, its pretty seamless and works as expected. [More]

Review – OnOne Perfect Suite 8 Public Beta


onOne software recently released a public-beta of their latest version of Perfect Photo Suite which could be a very significant point in the companies development as a maker of plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom & Aperture and a creator of a stand-alone processing application. I’ve downloaded a copy to have a play and see how it works. Now, obviously this is a public beta so there are some issues, bugs and blanks to be filled etc., so its impossible to make a proper judgement of what the final release will be like but we can get a reasonable idea of what the software will do. [More]

The Art of iPhone Photography – A Review


As a reader of TipSquirrel.com you're interested in taking your images to the next level, like me you may want to spend time on them before uploading them to Facebook. Its very easy to get stuck in our ways, a little Snapseed Drama, a frame from somewhere and off it goes, we'll do more from time to time but what can we do, where's our inspiration? [More]

Carbonite Cloud Back Up Review and Giveaway!


The good folks at Carbonite not only let me try it out, but they want one of our readers to have some peace of mind, too, so we’re giving away one year of the Home plan, a $59.99 value to one of you! It can also be used as a free year for anyone that already uses Carbonite. All you have to lose is a little upload time, and since you’re still able to do everything you normally do, that’s no biggie! [More]

Overview of Topaz Clarity 1.0 for Photoshop and Lightroom


Topaz Labs has recently released the newest addition to their line of plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture: Topaz Clarity 1.0. In today's video, I provide an overview of the Clarity plugin, and demonstrate why it has the potential to become one of my most-used tools. [More]

Book Review Digital Art by David Cousens


If you are interested in digital art then you probably have at some point come across illustrations made by David Cousens of Cool Surface. His art work has appeared in books such as The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration and The Mighty Pencil volumes 1 & 2 as well as magazines such as Advanced Photoshop, SciFiNow and Imagine FX . His impressive client list spans from Adidas to BBC, Macmillan and Creative Boom to name a few. His new book Digital Art – A complete guide to making your own computer artwork was released in May 2013. This can be purchased from Amazon [More]
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