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Adobe Tutorial Player for Photoshop

Adobe Tutorial PlayerHappy Friday!!! Today I want to share a little known app called the Adobe Tutorial Player for Photoshop. Built with the Photoshop SDK, this app isn’t simply a video player, but an interactive way to practice some quick Photoshop tutorials. It works by using the Remote Connections feature found in Photoshop CS5 & higher. Rather than reading & following the tutorial instructions, you can have the app show you the steps directly in Photoshop.

1. We start by opening Photoshop, and choosing Remote Connections from the Photoshop menu (Mac) or Edit menu (PC).

Remote Connection Dialogue

2. Set the unique service name, password, and check the option to Enable Remote Connections then click OK.

3. Launch Tutorial Player on your iPad. Tap the PS icon in the top right corner to connect to Photoshop.

Adobe Tutorial Player Opening Screen

4. Tap the New button to create a connection. Type the server name or IP address. Type in the password. Tap Connect.

New Photoshop Connection

5. Once connected tap the tutorial you wish to view.

Adobe Tutorial Player Opening Screen


6. As you work through the tutorial, you can tap the “Show Me” button within each step to have that action played directly in Photoshop. Completing a step yourself in Photoshop, or using the “Show Me” feature automatically takes you to the next step in the tutorial.

The Show Me button will play the instruction directly in Photoshop

The Adobe Tutorial Player is a free app available on iTunes. Check it out today, and learn some new Photoshop techniques.

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  1. Is there an app for android? Looks like a great tool!

  2. Neat tool! I look forward to the tutorial library growing.

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