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10 Adobe / Photoshop Things You Probably Don’t Know

We’re not really one for lists on TipSquirrel, so here for one day only is our 10 things you may not know

Nack - Tipless

Principal Product Manager, John Nack has no tip on his right index finger, ironically this means he can’t hold a pen or operate a camera.

Although Photoshop celebrated its 20th birthday recently, it is in fact 22 years old. The marketing department missed its true birthday so had to re schedule.

When opening CS3, if the user presses [Space Bar] [Space Bar] [Space Bar] the colour scheme is altered to allow use in very dark conditions. Adobe and NASA designed this scheme for use in the Discovery space shuttle. When asked why astronauts may need Photoshop, NASA claimed this was ‘classified’

Taking the Mickey?

It has recently come to light that a well known animation studio had their software engineers replace the Hand Tool icon with a hand with 4 cartoon type fingers.

Terry White is an accomplished character actor and once played twins in an episode of the original Beverly Hills 90210. His latest project is voice characterization, performing in The Cleveland Show.

In 1994 Adobe were hauled before the European court after refusing to change the name of the Pen Tool. The court bought the action against Adobe stating that “Pens are physical objects that release ink. This ‘tool’ merely plots a path”. The case was dropped after 4 weeks of legal wrangling.

Brush Mystery

If you click repeatedly and quickly enough on the Brush tool a dialogue box appears asking “Are you Sure?”. This has been a feature since v1.0 although no one knows its origin.

In the British version of Photoshop the Lasso tool is known as the Rope tool. Not having any ranches or cowboys, the British have no concept of what a Lasso is.

If the Alt and Shift keys are held down while opening Photoshop 6, the splash screen runs the usual credits but also includes the sentence; “I love you Maureen” a total of 49 times. It is unclear who Maureen is.

It is well documented that you can not scan images of money into Photoshop. In CS5 you will no longer be able to scan in ‘Offensive’ language. At the time of writing we believe the list of words to include ****, ****, ****, ****,****,**** and of course ****.

Do you ‘know’ any more, we’d love to hear them!

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  1. Elizabeth Gower // 02/04/2010 at 1:54 pm //

    Cute, had me lol !!!!!!

  2. Nisarg Pandya // 05/10/2010 at 12:02 pm //

    Sorry But some of your know thing were not working. Some of them are

    1. If you click repeatedly and quickly enough on the Brush tool a dialogue box appears asking “Are you Sure?”

    2. It is well documented that you can not scan images of money into Photoshop.

    Hope you will find out the reason for the same.


  3. Err.. sorry Nisarg. This post is tagged “April The First” 😉

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