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Save For Web

Dude, Where’s My Save For Web?

June 17, 2015

With the update from Photoshop CC 2014 to Photoshop CC 2015 Adobe make a lot of great changes, as always there were the headline grabbers but there were a few little tweaks that didn’t hit the [More]

Saving and Optimizing Images in Photoshop

January 8, 2013

You just spent a good amount of time finessing your most recent image to a state of graphics bliss, and now it’s time to save that file in one or more versions for web use (email, Facebook, web [More]

Save Photos For Web & Mobile Devices

January 7, 2011

Creating files for special uses often requires special processing. The creation of specialized formats for the Internet and mobile electronics requires a mastery of one useful command: Save For Web [More]