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Photoshop Image Extraction with Channels

September 3, 2013

If you're creating image composites, and especially if you're working with stock images, you'll find yourself needing to extract image elements from a white background. This can be a straightforward task with Photoshop, and often you'll get better results with some of the old school techniques. For example, take this image from Shutterstock. Here we have a figure on a white background, and your first thought might be, "I can make short work of this with Quick Selection Tool." (Or the magic wand). [More]

Luminance Masks in Photoshop

September 2, 2013

In this video I'll skim over the theory and get stuck in to the very handy luminance mask. Still one of the easiest, and quickest ways to create complicated masks. [More]

Fixing a Bad HDR Sky in Photoshop

August 6, 2013

HDR Tools are great for creating interesting images, but they can really destroy a sky. Here's a quick tip for rescuing an over baked sky and giving a more natural feel to your images. [More]

Noise and Sharpening in Lightroom

September 14, 2011

This will be a quick and short tutorial today, to show you the benefits of a sharpening mask within Lightroom. I have had a couple of  people ask me about noise in high ISO images and how to [More]