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HDR Efex

HDR Finishing–Tips and Techniques

June 21, 2011

As we’ve seen in the past few tips on HDR, the process of combining and tone mapping the bracketed images is only a small part of the overall process. In today’s video tip, we will see some [More]

Beyond Ordinary HDR

May 31, 2011

HDR has been a hot topic over the past few years, although not everyone likes it. You’ve seen the images – the typical HDR image posted to the web is an over-processed, grainy, surreal image that [More]

HDR With Photoshop and HDR Efex Pro

March 18, 2011

In this video, Richard Harrington takes a look at an HDR workflow. Using Bridge, HDR Efex Pro and Photoshop he demonstrates techniques and tips for all HDR photography. [More]