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Mixed Bag Of Goodies

May 21, 2009

If this is your first visit to TipSquirrel, welcome. To the others, welcome back. It’s been a great week here in the wood despite the back pain ** pause for sympathy ** and it looks like the [More]

Wednesday Bits & Bobs

May 20, 2009

I was made aware that yesterday saw TipSquirrel.com got it’s most visitors in a day, so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both of you for dropping in.  Please don’t forget [More]

Not So Manic Monday

May 18, 2009

Short and sweet today due to a rather painful back and the inability to sit at a desk. Out Now Podcast     PixelPerfect – Make Your Own 3d Coins         On The Web   Hairstyles-2 – [More]

Simple Pointy Text

May 15, 2009

Friday… Woooohooooo!! Need I say more? Out Now Magazine     What Digital Camera   Great buyer’s guide. A litle Photosho – This month, faking infra-red              [More]

“Magazine Wrap Around Thingy”

May 14, 2009

Out Now Podcast  Layers TV: Episode 87 – RC talks about working with HDR images inside of Lightroom and adds a little iTunes tip for good measure. Corey experiments with creating lens flares [More]

Ain’t Got A Lens, Baby

May 13, 2009

Hello, and welcome. Thank you so much to my Twitter buddy @mitzs for asking me to guest blog at Pursuing Photoshop today, I was honoured to do so. But what about here, what should I bleat on about [More]

Tip Tuesday – 1 image 2 Smart Objects

May 12, 2009

Happy Tuesday everyone, and thank you for popping by. As always I am really grateful to everyone that has suggested links for the site, please keep them coming. Out Now Podcast   Photoshop User TV [More]

Manic Movie Monday

May 11, 2009

Spent a while on Friday night trying to get a half decent photo of a heron. Not a keen lover of birds but herons make a great model for a newbie wildlife photographer as they tend to stay still for [More]

Tilt-Shift Revisited

May 8, 2009

Happy Friday everyone, and lets be honest, it really couldn’t have come quick enough.This weekend I hope to get out and try to capture some images for adding a Tilt Shift effect to. Start small [More]

Configure Yourself Our Friend

May 7, 2009

No blog yesterday by it’s back to business today. A big thank you to Design by Firgz for mentioning TipSquirrel as her ‘Hot Site’, it was as flattering as it was unexpected. Out Now [More]

Tuesday Tip – Really Easy Text Effect

May 5, 2009

To those in the UK I am really sorry. The dreadful Bank Holiday weather was my fault, I jinxed it by buying a patio set on Saturday, still, I managed 15 minutes on it. Nice to get back to business [More]

Make The Most of the Weekend

May 1, 2009

You gotta love Fridays, and this weekend is a long one thanks to the bank holiday. I may even venture into the wood and take some photies. Anyhoo, with that in mind, here’s today’s blog.. [More]

Online Mags and Masks

April 30, 2009

Hi. Taking a bit of a detour from Photoshop for the first half of todays blog, but worth it. Two excellent online magazines worth checking out. Then later in answer to a query, 2 tutorials on [More]

No Scaled Content

April 29, 2009

Hello there! Today I have the following questions; How late should you leave it before phoning Parcel Force to find out where your goodies are? Do the clocks really go slower when you are waiting on [More]

Tuesday Top Tip

April 28, 2009

Hello there, welcome to Tuesday’s blog, today is Top Tip day and I have gone for the Easy Glass Text effect. Anyhoo, first, here’s todays “round up”.. Out Now Podcast     [More]
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