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Luminosity Sharpening 3 Ways

Last time on TipSquirrel, on our ever-expanding journey into blend modes in Photoshop, we looked at the Luminosity blend mode. This mode allowed us to use the brightness values from one layer to make [More]

Are You Quality?

“We are what we repeatedly do” ~Aristotle Caveat Emptor No doubt about it, this is the age of quantity! We want it all, preferably for less, and we want it now! How many of us pass up the [More]

The Nut Cluster 2

iPhone Apps Online Coverage Richard Harrington Make the Move to Aperture 3 From Still to Motion Peachpit Photo Club Shades of the Departed Magazine Shades of the Departed Lightroom 3 Beta OnOne Free [More]

Straightening With Lens Correction

I’ve gotten quite a lot of questions, lately, about straightening photos. When it comes to old photos, especially those taken outside, without benefit of a tripod, you’re going to, [More]

Introducing the Luminosity Blend Mode

Whether you produce your images for web or for print, at some point you’ll want to sharpen the images for output. Sharpening, as we’ve discussed in earlier tips, is a process in which the [More]

Power Cropping

  TipSquirrel is proud to welcome back Rich Harrington to our humble little site. Rich is an internationally published author. His book, Photoshop for Video, was the first of its kind to focus on [More]

Age Spots

There are tons of digital photo restoration tutorials online these days, on fixing torn pieces on old photos, and matching colors when adding things to the photo. One recent tutorial put torn pieces [More]

The Nut Cluster

  Links mentioned in this podcast: Advanced Photoshop Photoshop Daily BaseKit Lynda.com Mobile Photoshop Wacom A Little Photoshop Media Cats Still to Motion (Facebook Page) PhotoshopWorld Trainers [More]

Creative Differences

Last week we looked at some practical and very utilitarian ways to take advantage of Difference blend modes in Adobe Photoshop. Today, we’re going to take a 180 degree turn and look at some ways of [More]

Painting With Photo Filters

Do you have some of those 70’s era color photo’s that just look tired? Here’s an easy way to paint a little life back into them using photo filters! For the purposes of this [More]

Local Adjustments in Lightroom

No I’m not talking about going to your local chiropractor…..We are talking Lightroom, Silly! I will admit until a couple months ago a few weeks ago I knew there was Local Adjustments in [More]
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