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The Picture on the Wall (pt. 1)

(Authors Note: My New Years resolution is to try and keep my tutorials a bit shorter. I’ve started off quite well,if I say so myself, but I feel I must warn you: My New Year resolutions usually [More]

Blend Mode Basics – Part 1

First and foremost, I’d like to thank TipSquirrel.com for asking me to come back and present another series of tutorials for you!  [Welcome back Mike! (TS)]   For the next several weeks, [More]

Texas Snowman

I’m diverting from the restoration tutorials because, well, it’s Winter and I want to build a snowman! The only problem with that is that I live in North Central Texas and if we ever do [More]

Creating Custom Actions

TipSquirrel is delighted to welcome back one of our favorite trainers, Richard Harrington.   If you’re a Photoshop enthusiast or professional, you should really be using Photoshop actions. [More]

Repairing Ink Blots

Bad things happen. Bad things even happen to our photos. Bad things like…ink. So when the bad thing happens, how do you go about fixing it? The first thing to remember is to not try to wipe it [More]

Holiday Card, Part 4

This week we’re finishing up our holiday card we’re making with an old family photo by adding a bit of sparkle and a frame. To begin, you’ll need to go back to the brush preset we [More]

The Tilt-Shift Effect in Photoshop

TipSquirrel welcomes back photographer Andie Smith  – Twitter   I have a confession…. I love the look of miniature models, but hate using a tilt-shift lens. Thankfully I’m good [More]

Holiday Card, Part 3

For her regular Wednesday post, TipSquirrel welcomes back Janine Smith  @landailyn   In this, part three of our holiday card project, we’re going to do some decorating! This can be done on [More]

Holiday Card, Part 2

We start the second part of our Holiday card tutorial by getting a bit analytical. In order to make some fairly realistic shadows within your photo, you need to first analyze it. The nexus of this [More]

Stencil From Photo

A few months ago I was playing with Photoshop and made a couple of stencil pictures out of stock photos (See them here) so I thought I’d do a short tutorial on how to make them.   Step 1.  Go to [More]

Holiday Card: Part 1

Today begins a (hopefully!) fun, four-part tutorial on making a family photo into a holiday card. For the past few years I’ve used old family photos to create holiday cards for both my family [More]
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