Action Set


This action set includes some techniques you’ll want to use again and again on your images, including;

High Contrast, Color Separation in LAB, Duo Tone, Fixing Faded Photos, Grunge Border, LensBaby Effect, Soft Glow, Soft Vignette, Stars, Star Wars Text effect.

The techniques are all based on tutorials from The Photoshop Nuts at

Reflections in 3D


Today we start a multi-part tutorial in creating complex 3D images in Photoshop 3D Extended. The image we’ll create was inspired by a magazine advertisement I spotted while “relaxing” on a recent airline journey. The interweaving reflections caught my eye, and the idea for a tutorial was born.

Win Tickets to Birdfair 2011

For some years I’ve been invited to go along to Birdfair, and every year I’ve made some excuse or another. You see, I’m not a birdwatcher so why would I want to go? Last year however I succumbed, and off I went. During my day I looked at all manner of photographic and optical equipment, watched TV nature presenters battle it out in a Call My Bluff style game show and heard the gasps as nature photographer and presenter Chris Packham ‘confessed’ to using Photoshop.
So enthused and inspired by what I saw I’ve had a chat with the lovely people at the Birdfair office and managed to grab 2 three day passes to this year’s event!

Swiss Cheese Text in Photoshop


I love typography – its fun and easy. Today I wanted to show you how to make a simple “Swiss cheese effect”. Step 1. Start by making a 1024×768 pixel document and colour it #3f2004, Next choose select the text…