A Photoshop HDR Workflow Example


In this video, photographer and trainer Rich Harrington takes 3 images and works with them to complete a single HDR image with multiple effects.

Combining the images and them post processing within Photoshop Rich gives us a real world example of photographic workflow.

Reflections in 3D, part 2

Today, we’ll finish up the image we started last week. We’ll start with the basic 3D text and postcard elements we created, add a 3D model of a wine glass, and finish off with some standard Photoshop graphical elements that…

TipSquirrel.com Action Set


This action set includes some techniques you’ll want to use again and again on your images, including;

High Contrast, Color Separation in LAB, Duo Tone, Fixing Faded Photos, Grunge Border, LensBaby Effect, Soft Glow, Soft Vignette, Stars, Star Wars Text effect.

The techniques are all based on tutorials from The Photoshop Nuts at TipSquirrel.com.