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Searching and Filtering Tricks in Lightroom 5

January 27, 2015

Lightroom 5 offers quite a few ways to make searching and filtering your images easy. In this video, we’ll take a look at a few of the hidden tools to make locating your images easier. Do you want to locate just your videos? All the PSD files in a folder? Any virtual copies in a given folder or folders? These searching and filtering tricks will help you learn how to use the Filter Bar in Lightroom 5 to your best advantage. [More]

Photoshop Shape on a Path

January 26, 2015

In this video I take a look at a new(ish) feature of Photoshop 2014, adding a shape or pattern to a path. It has many uses from borders to coupons but in this example I plot out a path on a map. [More]

Illustration or Comic book Effect in Photoshop

January 3, 2015

In this video I demonstrate a technique of using Smart Filters to make a highly versatile illustration or comic book effect in Photoshop. In this example I'm going for the children's story look, but with a few tweeks and edits it could look more like a comic strip or sketch. The image used here is from our friends at Fotolia and is #74069436 - superhero child by eelnosiva. I'd love to see how you use this technique so feel free to drop me a note on Twitter or Facebook with a link! [More]

Creating Borders Around a Shape in Photoshop

December 24, 2014

So Christmas is upon us, this was actually recorded and posted on Christmas Eve, and maybe the eggnog has gone to my head. This application of the technique is a little seasonal and fun but it doeas have some practical applications too. Here I add a border around a shape, but in a way that it matches the shape nicely. You're thinking Select > Modify > Expand aren't you? Well, I think I've found a better way; [More]

A New Video Series – Image Answers

December 19, 2014

Over the past month or so I've been meeting periodically with a teaching colleague of mine, Matt Edwards, to do some studio work. While we were there we thought we'd take a look at putting together a new series answering some of the queries i get about image editing. So here we are, the 'pilot' of Image Answers. I'm making an honest request for feedback of this episode, what's good, bad and what would you like to see in future episodes? Thank you! [More]

Fotolia Joins the Adobe Family

December 12, 2014

What amazing news, Fotolia are joining the Adobe family! Regular readers will know we've been fans of the stock image site for some time, they've been great supporters of our humble site and we couldn't be more pleased that the two are getting together. The press release says that the Fotolia library will be integrated into the Creative Suite, amazing, to be able to access, and one assumes submit, images from Photoshop will be incredible. [More]

What Do the Shadow and Highlight Sliders Do in Photoshop Smart Sharpen?

December 5, 2014

Its the go-to sharpener for many but it holds a little mystery. In this tutorial I'll take a look at those sliders that are hidden away in Photoshop Smart Sharpen. By default the Shadow and highlight sliders in Photoshop Smart Sharpen are closed. If you've been brave enough to twirl them open it might not be immediately apparent what they do, so lets take a look; [More]

Photoshop for Photographers – Book Review

November 27, 2014

Photoshop is such a massive and versatile program that its amazing that a book would be needed aimed at a specific group of users. The truth is, the tools and filters in Photoshop are so vast and flexible that this is probably the only way to learn the software. What makes this book stand out against others in this genre is what it isn't. What this book isn't is a series of steps to achieve a certain outcome. There's a few in there, but what this book does is something I appreciate greatly, it tells the ready why you do something. [More]

Photomerge (HDR) with Photoshop Elements

November 15, 2014

Taking multiple images at different exposures gives us the oportunity to merge them together to make a single image where we can see in the shadows as well as the highlights. You may think this is just for third party software of Photoshop, but its available in Photoshop Elements too! [More]

New Guide Layout in Photoshop CC 2014

November 5, 2014

Guides are an incredibly helpful feature in Photoshop but they've always been a little basic. For many, myself included, the answer lay in the brilliant plug in GuideGuide. If you're not lucky enough to have Photoshop CC then this is still, by far, the best alternative. For those with Photoshop CC however check out the new feature, Guide Layouts. [More]
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