Photoshop Smart Objects from Adobe Illustrator


Wanting to at a scribbled text effect to an image I looked to Adobe Illustrator. The great thing about Creative Suite and the Creative Cloud is that the applications work so seamlessly together.

Here I create the text in illustrator and then bring it to Photoshop as a smart object, making it editable at any time.

30 Second Photoshop Series


I recently started a new series on YouTube and I’d love to know what you think. Each video’s 30 seconds long and has a quick Photoshop tip. They won’t be appearing at TipSquirrel all the time so make sure you subscribe to the channel to be notified about new videos.

Picture Frame in Photoshop CC


January 2014 saw a major update to Photoshop CC, one of the hidden away updates was the Picture Frame. To my mind, it’s better suited to Photoshop Elements, for those scrapbookers among us. There’s some good, bad, and damn right ugly.

Pen Tool in Photoshop–Straight Paths


In part 2 of my series on using the Pen Tool within Photoshop, we finally do break out the Pen Tool, and start drawing straight line paths. Learn how to place and modify corner anchor points, and how to close a path. With the closed path, we’ll learn how to save the path, load the path as a selection and use it as a layer mask.

Pen Tool in Photoshop – Path Fundamentals


In this series of videos, we are going to work our way from the basics to pen tool mastery, but we need to start with the fundamentals. In fact, in this video, I’m not even going to use the pen tool. Instead, we’ll spend our time understanding how paths work in Photoshop, so that when we do start using the pen tool, we’ll be on familiar ground.

Linked Smart Objects


In a recent update to Photoshop CC adobe introduced Linked Smart Objects. They work the same as Smart objects but with a unique, ad helpful difference, they link back to the source, let’s look at an example;