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Making An Easy Photo Calendar in Photoshop

JanuaryIts getting to that time of year again when we need to think of the next one, so here’s an easy and personal, way to create you own photo calendars in Photoshop.

Unlike other tutorials this one doesn’t use any Microsoft software, in fact we use Google Calendar, so it’s free and accessible to all!

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  • Andrew Macpherson

    What a great easy way to do it. Thanks Eric, much easier in many ways than…

    For those who don’t use Google calendars, suggest you check out Jeffrey Freidel’s Calendar builder. I have customised a version for my own use (it’s a JavaScript (jsx) plugin, so easy to change), and a short perl script to load my diary headlines . A lot more complexity, but also a lot more control of the calendar content layout

  • Carrie

    After I created all 12 months, where would I send it to print it up as gifts? Does the printer have a template I would drop my file into so it is printed as a “real calendar”? Thanks.