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Cripes! I’m on The Photoshop Show


It’s a pleasure to say that on Tuesday 19th / Wednesday 20th depending on your time zone, I’ll be joining the hosts of The Photoshop Show Jan Kabili, Ron Clifford and Dave Bell as their ‘featured guest’. A little over a year ago I was happily hiding behind the TipSquirrel character and now here I am about to sit and chat with people who I’ve looked up to, admired and learned so much from. Crazy.

That’s why I’m very nervous about it, but excited to, its a milestone in my Photoshop career and one I’d love to share with the TipSquirrel readers. So, if you can, please come along and join us and let me know there’s some friendly faces out there!

Starting times:

6pm Tuesday 19th Pacific Daylight Time
7pm Tuesday 19thMountain Daylight Time
9pm Tuesday 19th Eastern Daylight Time
1am Wednesday Greenwich Mean Time

The show is broadcast live via Google Hangout and then available to view as a recording later.

More details can be found here

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